MEN CELL DELHI [✔] झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!! [✔] 9873540498

Dear Friend, 
If you are a man (or boy) whose wife (or girlfriend or neighbour lady) has filed false FIR against you and you have unrebuttable evidences and documents proving her false FIR or police complaint {or her false court cases) then you need to put that girl/ lady/ wife behind the bars legally and technically using right judgments of Supreme Court. 

As per our knowledge, Indian Government has not yet started any government aided men cell in delhi or man cell in delhi like for women there you can find a mahila thana in delhi or mahila cell in delhi or caw cell in delhi or crime against women cell in delhi. Even NRI Men Rights India helps Non Resident Indians at men rights for nri.
Further, Mini-Trial is the right of an accused as per Supreme Court of India's recent judgment as per which when the matter is not triable as per the unrebuttable evidences of the accused then asking an NRI husband or an accused to stand in a trial is the violation of the human rights of nri and these human rights violation of a non resident indian husband needs to be invoked in the right manner so that this SC Judgment helps men victims of false cases win in his fight against false cases or false accusations.
Like there is no men cell in delhi, similarly, there is still not there any men cell in punjab

अगर आपकी पत्नी आपको परेशान करती है या आप के ऊपर झूठी Police Complaint या FIR करती है या आप की पत्नी आप के खिलाफ झूठा Court Case या झूठा MAINTENANCE का Court Case करती है तो कृपया कर के पर सम्पर्क करें

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  1. I am a Non Resident Indian and I took my wife to America but she had some other plans.

    She came back to India and complained against me u/s 498a r/w Human Trafficking which made bail difficult for me in Delhi Lower Court and Delhi High Court too rejected my bail application in Delhi citing stringent section of crpc related to Human Trafficking.

    I was unabe to visit India as court had directed me to appear India for investigation.

    I contacted and with their help I filed a LTR due to which I was able to push the police to do fair and unbiased investigation, as a result, the Human Trafficking Allegation was removed by the police using that LTR which I duly got Implemented and Enforced as per the suggestions from Atur Chatur Sir from

    I am highly thankful to men cell delhi guys for helping me come back to India and to be with my parents in India.

    We are now waiting to get the matter settled with the guidance of Atur Chatur Sir as per details given at:-

    One thing is sure now and that is this that, I am NOT going to re-marry or my second marriage will be with a foreigner and NOT an Indian as I do NOT want to get into same trouble again in my life after this debacle or mess of false 498a which are so popular in India and the Delhi Courts and all Indian courts are encouraging these.

    But this service of atur chatur at is really commendable
    Thanks again for all the help

    Ravi NRI from USA

    1. Udita Narayan Pandit29 May 2019 at 17:57

      I agree withe Ravi NRI from USA as my friend who is a Non Resident Indian had the same problem and he contacted MAN CELL IN DELHI team headed by atur chatur sir.

      He is now divorced and we are set to marry this winter beginning.

      the slogan feels really fine with these delhites men helpers vis-a-vis mens helpline address in delhi at

      go NRI, go aturchatur

  2. I am a NRI working for a fish unit in UK
    I am getting salary which is around 1,20,000/- equivalent to Indian currency but after all my expenses in UK, I am able to send back home just 15,000/- per month approx as I have education and living expenses as well.

    I met a girl in college who was studying with me and we married.
    Her father was a highly influential person in India and when he came to know he called us back for ceremony but he pulled her daughter i.e., wife to his side and a lot of corrupt cops and influential person were present there and I couldnm't do anything.

    My wife did nothing as she loves her father more than me.
    She filed false 498a and I was in Jail for around 27 days due to influence or the father of the wife.

    My passport was taken up and my Immigration status was in jeopardy then some guy from our relations referred me to and I came in touch of these delhi based guys

    On their suggestion, I filed a LTR and subsequently within few months my passport was released and we got solid insider documents through RTI which we used with our immigration NOT through simple posting of letter but technically I filed a LTR once again with the help of my expert guru Atur Chatur Sir from

    It paid off well and now, I am in the process of packing my bags again for UK.

    My wife wants divorce and I too so I have been suggested by Atur Chatur Sir to file for Mutual Consented Divorce based on a LTR i.e., LTR MCD or LTR MOU vis-a-vis LTR MEDIATION

    I am thankful for having such great guys from Delhi, INDIA

  3. At Man Cell Delhi fighting tactics are guided to the victims of false 498a by wife.

    Men Cell in Delhi may suggest you strategies as to how to close a false 498a ipc FIR by following legal procedure for cancellation of FIR.

    mobile :- +91-9873540498

  4. Sudhir Subhash26 May 2019 at 13:15

    I am happy to inform you that, after contacting men cell in delhi, I am able to secure a peace of mind for myself.

    I was worried as my wife charged me with 498a/406 and 34 initially around 6 years after marriage but after further 5 years i.e., 11 years after marriage around, I was charged with two more sections viz., 306 and d/p act 3 and 4

    I was worried and police station shalimar bagh were threatening me to join investigation in delhi and I contacted CRIME HELP DIVISION of the MEN CELL IN DELHI also referred to as MAN CELL IN DELHI.

    They were nice guys.
    I am out of the case and much relieved as the burden of proof i.e., onus had been shifted to the relatives of the wife.

    I feel delighted and relieved and luckiest person in delhi to being in touch with MEN CELL IN DELHI guys and the job done in\s great.

    I recommend everyone to get in touch with men cell in delhi guys or MAN CELL TEAM in Delhi so that no woman is able to trap any man in false cases in Delhi at least and also I saw them helping non resident indian husbands based in Delhi vis-a-vis NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI

    All the best for this good work atur chatur sir.
    I have been now a very big fan of atur chatur and his aturchatur service especially after reading the terms at and

    aturchatur is a nice helper in 498a and DV but now he has proven his mettle in even 306 abetment to suicide. hope he may soon also start helping jia khan, pratyusha banerjee, shashi tharoor type cases as well as this atur chatur guy has loads of judgments on 306 which helped me a lot in delhi at men cell delhi service for men and boys in delhi and this is also best NRI HELPLINE IN DELHI for false 498a FIR

  5. I am RP (Ravi) from Bihar and I came to Delhi 7 years back to pursue my 12th.
    I met a girl in Delhi in a school under Delhi Government and we got intimate and finally decided to marry but her parents refused.

    She filed rape charges FIR against me on behest of her parents living in South Delhi.

    I contacted atur chatur from men cell delhi helpline at

    we had consultation with sturchatur sir on the phone 9873540498

    I was very happy as the polcie started questioning the girl after these delhi based man cell guys helped me.

    CrPC 91 was also used effectively by the men cell delhi guys in north west delhi at rohini and I being residing at ashok vihar felt much happeier and these guys especially the atur chatur consultation service is best for delhi boys and delhi husbands trapped in false cases.
    This is a true men's helpine in delhi

    Thanks to men cell guys working in rohini delhi and all the more thanks to atur chatur for the great written and moraql support and your blogs w.r.t. atur chatur helpline and MEN HELPLINE INDIA and also FALSE RAPE i.e., How to close false rape FIR u/s 376 by Atur Chatur is really helpful.

    Highly recommended.

    If you are in Delhi, then the one slogan fits for all husbands, men, boys and elderly uncles and grandpas and it;s as follows:-
    Go Boys, Go aturchatur
    or we may say that
    go men, go mancelldelhi or go mencelldelhi

    all the best !!!

  6. My brother is a NRI and he is currently settled in Philadelphia USA and being from Delhi we contacted men cell delhi and used their services fr mens helpline in false cases by women.

    the help provided was brilliant and i am thankful for such great service in delhi. kindly extend such services in all parts of india be it uttar pradesh, south india, north india, punjab, himachal or odisha

    cheer up guys men cell delhi/.
    thanks for helping my brother NRI a native of delhi

  7. i was looking for address of men cell in delhi or men cell in india and I came across atur chatur's mens helpline in delhi

    they guided me to not get misguided by names such as man cell in india or nri man cell in india or man cell delhi type services or government organizations helping men or distressed men or harassed men in delhi

    because no one really cares about a man in delhi as girl or woman in delhi is what is being protrected

    Yes, men from delhi searching or looking men cell address in delhi need to go to a doctor
    because they need to contact such a doctor whose wife filed false 498a against him and he may tell you his own experiences

    he may be the right guy in delhi as atur chatur services are mostly for delhities and also for NRI natives of delhi and if anyone from outside delhi wants his services then he may come to delhi or get online help from atur chatur vis-a-vis men cell in delhi or NRI MAN CELL INDIA helpline for 498a in India| Delhi

    WHY SEARCH FOR LAWYERS OR ADVOCATES IN DELHI FOR FAMILY MATTERS when the lawyers are NOT allowed to enter family courts?
    As per ATUR CHATUR, one must contact men cell in delhi or get help from aturchatur counselling so that he may fight false cases himself PARTY IN PERSON by removing the lawyer of the educated wife at the very first instance so ONLY FAMILY ARGUES and husband may win

    So friends, this seems to be the idea behind the success of men cell in delhi run vis-a-vis so that men are no more harassed in CAW Cells of Delhi or Crime Against Woman Cell in Delhi

    Domestic Violence Against Men is on a rise in India and man cell delhi or real men's helplines in delhi for false 498A and DV etc may come at rescue for men victims of false cases in delhi and also delhi native NRI's abroad as Non Resident Indians are the soft targets of false 498a and false domestic violence complaints by wives and girlfriends.

    Beware Boys, also get in touch with aturchatur for help related to false POCSO by girls in delhi on instigation or on behest by their parents or relatives/ guardians etc

    Contact atur chatur before its too late boys!!!

    go boys, go men celldelhi
    go men for mencell

  8. I want to tell you my story in very brief.
    The story is as follows:-

    My bhabhi filed a false complaint in women cell delhi.
    I contacted mencelldelhi
    They guided me to book a phone consultation and I did.
    They studied my docs.
    They suggested me LTR as per and I complied.
    My bhabhi is now getting anxious to compromise.
    Its astonishing.
    Its astounding.
    Its laudable.

    Great efforts by atur chatur from men cell in delhi and I salute this great man who has devoted his life and gave away his teaching career in University of Delhi just for the mankind i.e., helping men from delhi who are trapped in false cases in delhi courts or police in delhi or in CAW Cells of Delhi.

    This is a great service and I recommend this service to all boys of delhi.

  9. hi friends, I am amisha
    I am a lone fighter for men rights in delhi and you may call me a woman who fights for the rights of men in delhi

    I came in this field or social service 9 years back when a relative filed a case against my cousin brother and 11 names in total were there including my name in FIR.

    It is really disgusting how women may be able to get away with filing false cases and ruin the lives of boys in delhi or husbands in delhi.

    Even my best friend from delhi who got settled in USA after his graduation got gifted by 498a as a wedding gift.

    India's Most Wanted Suhaib Illyiasi also had a 498a slapped on him.

    Instead of talking which case from delhi is false and which delhi based police complaint is true, I must like to laud the efforts of greats like atur chatur and dilbagh pandey.

    I got referred aturchatur to a recent case of NRI husband from delhi who came to delhi to fight false 498a FIR but his passport was impounded.

    The one LTR that he got prepared from atur chatur was so strong that his passport got freed eventually and now he is back to USDA and the another LTR he filed to weaken the FIR and the case against him is weak already.

    The last LTR that he got assisted from aturchatur helped him get out of maintenance and his wife is now begging for compromise.

    Such a great and counter attack service by atur chatur where he suggests husbands to file ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE IN DELHI instead of wasting 6-8 years just fighting false cases.

    This is a very good service in delhi from atur chatur for the benefit of men I must say.

    Thanks aturchatur sir for this great work which you have been providing to delhi men and delhi boys vis-a-vis

    The team at MEN CELL DELHI is also greatly appreciated for their quick and efficient service in delhi.

    All the best and I am too here to help men victims reach the right helper in delhi rather than going for NGO's run by commission agents of l@wyers to earn commission or share in husbands ill-fate.

    It's time for counter attack and filing in delhi court against wife applications like:-
    but after a LTR of atur chatur from delhi may be really helpful.

    Best Wishes Sir and Best wishes team

    suggestion for boys of delhi
    go boys, go aturchatur


  10. sumit sabharwal28 May 2019 at 06:19

    all was well between me and my wife. i was living in kushwaha apartment in rohini delhi when i got married but soon after wife started arguing and asked me to get a separate residence and we moved on to delhi outskirts near narela.

    she put poison in my food and kept in touch with her boyfriend from delhi in my back when i went for work as neighbors told me.

    i got admitted to AIIMS due to food poisoning and after one month approx I recovered in delhi and shifted to outskirts.

    while in hospital i contacted guys i.e., men cell delhi team which is the expert mens helpline in delhi and this address of men cell delhi really gave me moral as well as documentary support.

    i filed silent LTR and it worked.
    when i caught my wife bare hand she filed CAW Complaint against me to register FIR u/s 498a but the LTR prepared by atur chatur helped me close the false caw cell complaint in the caw cell delhi itself and the matter did not got referred to FIR into any police station in delhi.

    Delhi Police also got aware of her tactics and in subequent FIR we filed counter against her for mixing poison in my food and subsequently after around 6 months we were able to file ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE IN DELHI

    It worked wonders and she wants to settle the matter by even paying me 5 lakhs rupees but I said no as I wanted justice but friends and family and relatives in delhi are suggesting me to not fight anymore and get a new bride and one relatrive from delhi even offered me her daughter for marriage and I am planning what action to take.

    I must say that, ATUR CHATUR IS THE BEST
    or better we say that:-

    GO EAST OR WEST . . . . YO

    You work wonders aturchatur sir.

    your team at men cell delhi is really helpful and I am happy to have contacted a wonderful professor like you. you are the best simply atur chatur sir.

    thanks and highly recommended to all boys and husbands of delhi to get in touch with NON RESIDENT INDIANS MEN CELL IN DELHI vis-a-vis NRI MAN HELPLINE IN DELHI for false 498a FIR.

    Also check NRI helpline at:-

    or for quashing of FIR against a NRI husband in delhi at:-


    and for violation of HUMAN RIGHTS of a NON RESIDENT INDIAN :-

  11. i am delighted to see atur chatur rising up in popularity charts and this venture of his i.e., men cell deli team is really helping indians especially delhites.

    i was in touch with him from 2013 till 2014 and even after that when he started his paid-cum-free service then also i was in touch with him till 2015 or 2016

    he is a really nice man and i hope this men cell delhi vis-a-vis address of man helpline in delhi may work wonders for indians and delhi citizens with regard to ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE as that is the need of the hour.

    I truely endorse what atur chatur has written at:-

    all the best chatur
    the nation is with you and not just delhi so start helping all indians like you help delhi based guys.

    debashish from kolkata
    from forum mentioned above (hope you remember me)

    1. debashish,

      i also want to get help from men cell in delhi by atur chatur

      please contact me and suggest me a method to contact these guys soon. i am in dire need related to 376 ipc against me 354 ipc against my father and 377 ipc against my brother whose wife is the main culprit who has dragged each one of us in all these sh!!t

      please help me give address of mens cell helpline in delhi address in rohini delhi and I urgently need consultation on phone with atur chatur sir.

      thanks debashish, contact me soon please.
      i have clicked on the NOTIFY ME button below so i will get to know when you will reply

      amit thakur from dwarka and matter is in delhi district courts swarka

  12. kudos to atur chatur for this men cell venture in delhi
    nice helpline for men and boys including husbands and boyfriends in delhi

    i welcome delhi based atur chatur for this nice service in delhi to help men in distress

    all the best chatur

    john gupta, nizamuddin delhi

    1. i agree with you john brother
      atur chatur for men cell in delhi is the best in helping people especially men and their relatives to protect themselves from false cases and arbitrary arrest

      this guy may even suggest you tips to fight false POCSO or false rape charges u/s 376 ipc

  13. i took consultation from men cell delhi guys and they suggested me to file a LTR against my father's second wife who is adulterous and who may even tried to file POCSO against my father but after filing LTR we fel a lot safe as now that lady may be evicted from the house owned by my brother who has his own family.

    all thanks to atur chatur from mens helpline in delhi address in delhi rohini

    these guys are simply the best./

    thanks team
    i wish you all the best in your professional and personal lives

    1. I have the same views shilpi as this guy atur chatur is a great man who has dedicated his life to the service of mankind especially the men/ boys victims of false cases through his address i.e., men's helpline address in delhi

      hats off to atur chatur !!1
      you are a man sir. you are a real man.
      thanks for your efforts for nation building and saving families from ruining especially saving men and boys from illegal torture. you are great sir ji.

  14. superb service in delhi for men, boys, husbands and NRI boys who are being constantly terrorized by femen

    atur chatur seems to be the best bet to win if you are a boy suffering from false cases in delhi
    all the best and best wishes to team atur chatur and also to the team men cell delhi

  15. Hi, I am Udit from Delhi and I want to share my experience from Depression to Lego-Aggression.

    My wife took my three kids with her and filed false 498a and maintenance cases.

    I contacted atur chatur from men cell in delhi and he suggested me one after another LTR's and I followed his advises.

    The maintenance got rejected and 498a got a C-Report. Wife got in trouble in Delhi and she being a resident of Delhi and I live in Delhi NCR in Panipat Haryana, she was really troubled and came for settlement.

    All thanks to such nice guys in Delhi who teach you real fighting tactics party in person, for the reason that, when I got her lawyer removed from the family court, she sweated and in her mediation I even removed her mother from entering the mediation centre.

    She is not being misguided now and our counters especially the ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE was really effective.

    She is ready to apologize for false cases filed against me and my relatives by her in Delhi Courts.

    ASll thanks to team atur chatur and team man cell in delhi.

    My one slogan suggestion to NRI husbands from Delhi and other Delhi boys and husbands suffering from false cases is as follows:-

    go boys go atur chatur
    go men/ hubbies, go mencelldelhi
    all the best sirs. all the best and wish you a better future for making my future bright.


  16. Hi, I am Amit Khurana from Delhi Rohini.

    I met aturchatur in 2016 when he used to be in Rohini near Pitampura Delhi and he consulted me the entire matter and we were able to close false FIR and thereafter in 2017 THIS VENTURE was found on internet by me by the name:-

    I am very happy that, atur chatur sir is now helping on All India basis.

    We need people like atur chatur from men cell in delhi to guide men victims of false cases in delhi as aturchatur has no match on earth. He is out of this world and god has sent him to help men come out of trauma, depression and SOCIAL STIGMA

    and the LTR's at:-

    are really helpful, if you need to close a false FIR u/s 498a or to close a false complaint in crime against women cell or mahila thana or women cell or CAW Cell in Delhi

    Atur Chatur from Delhi is the best.
    go boys, go aturchatur


  17. I live in Rohini Sector 25 and I am really happy to have found aturchatur sir from men cell in delhi

    My bhabhi filed false 498a FIR against my brother and also raised un-natural sex allegations. My brother was in jail. My brother was a very famous property dealer in sector 25 rohini but suddenly my bhabhi went missing and 304b alongwith 306 ipc were filed against us and before my brother could be out from jail he again went to Rohini Jail in Rohini Delhi for section 306 ipc crime which he neither did and which was not even proved to be false.

    I syudied about Jia Khan case on internet and found out that Aditya Pancholi's son Sooraj Pancholi who was in jail for around two months or so.

    Similarly, I read about the 306 indian penal code crime FIR case against Pratyusha Banerjee's infamous suicide case and also read about Shahsi Tharoor and Suinanda Pushkar's case.

    I was really worried as there was no reference in Delhi w.r.t. proving falsity of such cases and this was even not provced that my bhabhi is alive or not as her car was found gutted in the Himalayas and my brother was picked for crime under 306 ipc i.e., abetment of suicide without even dead body of my bhabhi being recovered or produced.

    This was a pity of the Indian Laws.

    I contacted several l@wyers and they kept looting us on one pretext or another and a final soultion was not given to us.

    But atur chatur sir is really great as he helped me and within the very first LTR filed by me on assistance of atur chatur from men's helpline in delhi addres in delhi, my brother got released from jail and he is now on regular bail.

    Therefafter, atur chatur sir also assisted me in getting 306 and 304b ipc crimes removed as my bhabhi was got discovered by detective agency hired by us on referral of chatur bhai.

    This atur bhai or chatur bhai is a really chatur service as this is the best mens helpline in delhi I have ever come across and I would like to recommend all delhi boys to go for atur chatur's helpline and atur chatur's guidance/ counselling vis-a-vis men cells in delhi to fight false CAW Cell complaints by wives.

    just the slogan seems right to me as suggested above by many ex-victims or victims of false cases i.e.,
    go men, go aturchatur
    go boys, go mancell in delhi

    all the best
    Kirti Gupta from Rohini, Delhi

  18. I am Soorya from New Delhi NDMC/SDMC Zone of South Delhi near Lajpat Nagar i.e., Posh South Delhi area.

    My income was low but being from delhi especially belonging to South Delhi gives you a tag of rishes of riches from Delhi Urban hence a girl from UP's Moradabad decided to marry me despite more than 10 years age difference.

    She started created differences from the beginning of marriage and insisted me I take a new home in Delhi away from my parents.

    I CONTACTED atur chatur sir from men cell in delhi at:-

    as while searching/ looking for best mens helpline address in delhi, I had come across such team man cell from delhi.

    They suggested me tactics to protect me and my relatives especially my old ailing father from false cases and I followed his advises and also filed a LTR.

    WITHIN JUST 2 MONTHS OF TUSSLE and our CCTV installation, that girl i.e., wife from UP filed a case in CAW Cell of Delhi instead of going to her native and filing case from UP's moradabad.

    We presented proofs and CCTV recordings but to our utmost dismay and surprise these were not working and the crime against woman cell in delhi was adamant to refer the matter for FIR to the Delhi Police.

    It is here, that we filed yet anothe LTR to close a false CAW Cell Complaint in Delhi r/w with the details given at:- website of atur chatur. The link is given below:-

    How to close a false CAW Cell Complaint in Delhi

    The matter was NOT sent for FIR and the girl and her relatives from UP came to Delhi and forced us literally begged before us to settle the matter as our next step was "ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE" as was hinted to them by our LTR CAW

    But we finally decided to settle the matter with Zero Cost Settlement. The matter is currently in Delhi Courts Complex for Finalization of Divorce based on Compromise in Delhi with te help of DLSA in Delhi.

    Earlier we had planned to goto DDRS i.e.,. Delhi Disputes Redressal System / Society in Delhi but going for and filing of Divorce in a Family Court in Delhi was an ultimate decision as suggested to us by atur chatur.

    I am thankful to atur chatur and team men cell in delhi for their great efforts in bringing my case to settlement and divorce and also for saving my family from illegal harassment vis-a-vis Legal Extortion.

    all the best

  19. i am amit thalur from new delhi.
    my brother's wife has dragged by name into false 498a and she complained about 376 ipc

    any help in delhi may be highly appreciated as i am in government job in delhi

    atur chatur sir, please help me come out out of this social stigma

    i have read about your site viz., how to close false CAW or false FIR at the website

    and I have read also about your arguments and loin related arguments relating to baba ram rahim given on website

    please help me sir atur chatur ji, i want to contact men cell helpline address in delhi

    amit thakur from dwarka, delhi

  20. I am thankful to atur chatur for this nice service in delhi for the help of men and boys like my brother who suffered from false cases and is currently divorced.

    sir, do you have any service for marrying these divorced boys also in delhi or delhi ncr like you have a very good men cell in delhi for mens helpline


  21. Kritika Sannon31 May 2019 at 03:50

    My brother got into false 498a and I am working in modelling and my bhabhi got my job or work profile as a reason to shoot me with false charges.

    I do not live with my brother in delhi and I never ever attended the wedding and I have not even seen my bhabhhi face to face in my life in delhi but still in CAW Cell in Delhi my name is included.

    Is there a way can MAN CELL IN DELHI help me file defamation against my bhabhi and also how to remove my name from false crime against women cell complaint and also tell me if there is any way as suggested by man cell in delhi or nri mens helpline in delhi whereby atur chatur may suggest me a way to stop my bhabhi from filing any court cases against me like domestic violance act.

    What a stupidity are these indian laws that I have been summoned by CAW Cell in Mumbai fromCAW Cell in Delhi without verifying the truthfulness of the complaint and how can a woman file a false complaint against another woman in delhi i.e., national capital of india, It's a pity and I want a way out sir.

    atur chatur sir, I have heard a lot about you.
    Please tell me a way out i.e., how can I avoid coming to India to attend Crime Against Woemn Cell Proceedings in Delhi and are these CAW proceedings mandatory to be attended by me in delhi and what would happen if I do not goto delhi to attend this false case and is there a way to restraint my wife to use social media to harass or defame me as I am a famous modelling and TV personality.

    Kritika, Mumbai (sister of false 498a victim from delhi who is also a NRI in USA and he found you by the name of NRI MEN CELL IN INDIA)

  22. I am from Delhi and my wife has filed a false complaint against me and my family in CAW Cell Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

    I need the contact number of atur chatur so that he may suggest me where to find the address of men cell in delhi for help in fighting such false cases against men and husbands in delhi.


  23. i am nitin from delhi and my wife has left home.

    i want to know what should i do so that my family is not troubled into false cases r arbitrary arrest as i read internet and found about arrest of even elderly parents and grandparents in false FIR mattters.

    i want full and complete address of mens helpline in delhi or man cell in delhi owned by atur chatur from rohini delhi

    please help me

    nitin arora

  24. suranjana nagar1 June 2019 at 08:07

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank atur chatur from man cell in delhi address in rohin new delhi to have taken up his precious time in helping me and by brother clear of the false allegations followed by guiding us on how to close a false 498a FIR.

    Your help was really commendable sir.
    Suranjana, Delhi

  25. i am from delhi and my wife is about to file complaint in delhi court and also in delhi police through direct police complaint in delhi or through crime against woman cell in delhi preferably dwarka caw cell in delhi

    i urgently need help from atur chatur. please contact me

  26. my brother got false POCSO act FIR against him by his ex-student in delhi.
    we urgently need the help from atur chatur in delhi's man cell so that my brother may come out from jail as he is suffering from past 15 days,

    any help would be highly appreciated.

  27. Sir, I am Lalit from Delhi.
    My wife filed POCSO complaint on me and I was in Rohini Jail in Delhi for two months.

    The story is as follows:-

    I am my wife were school classmates in Shalimar Bagh.
    She ran away with me as her parents were cruel.
    She and me both were 17 at that time.

    We married in a temple by misrepresenting our ages in Uttarakhand.

    We started living in Delhi NCR on a rented premises.

    She complained on instigation of her mausi that I had raped her but it is a marriage and we both are in love with each other.

    If POCSO is applicable on me then is POCSO Act i.e., Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act NOT applicable on her as she is one month elder to me and if she is below 18 then I also below 18 years of age.

    Do I need the help of mens helpline in delhi for false POCSO Act complaint in delhi or do I need to go to any men cell in delhi which protects boys and men.

    But, I being less than 18 years old at the time of incident then where can I go like Juvenile Court or Children Commission.

    Is there any Children Commission in Delhi like there is Women Commission in Delhi and what does a child rights organization do and what are its main functions in delhi vis-a-vis delhi police and delhi courts.

    I am in sad trauma and I want my wife back if that is possible else what is the most suitable remedy sir.

    Please suggest me.

    Lalit Kumar, POCSO Victim from Delhi

    1. i am from delhi, old delhi.
      i want to share the POCSO case in sadar bazar which was filed by a girl from buraru against a man from pulbangash near old delhi

      they were classmates and girl's family shifted to burari and when the love blossomed beteen the two, the girl filed false POCSO Complaint against the boy on behest of her mother and aunt (mother's sister) in delhi.

      his aunt was already experienced as she too had filed a false POCSO alongwith other false dowry sections against her husband and relatives from delhi's shahdara

      it's really disgusting that there is NO CHECK ON FALSE COMPLAINTS BY GIRLS IN DELHI INDIA

      especially the false POCSO Act FIR' in Delhi which are ruining many families of young boys.

      Indian government must do something about this in delhi and also in entire India i.e., Pan India presence of mens helpline in delhi address is required in each state to help curb false cases by girls and wives against men and their relatives.

      i pledge despite being a woman, to work in the field of stopping gender bias.
      thanks atur chatur sir for your wonderful venture i.e., MEN'S HELPLINE IN DELHI by the name and address of mens cell in delhi. i hail your precious efforts.

  28. I am a victim of false POCSO case by a girl who used to come to teach my children at home when I was in my shop away from my home.

    She demanded to raise the fees for her work and I showed inability to rise the hourly payment which was being made to her.

    She filed false POCSO including false RAPE allegations against my septuagenarian father who is of the age 76 years approx.

    We are under great stress and money is being demanded in the form of extortion.

    Is there a way can MAN CELL IN DELHI at may be able to help us fight this false POCSO and false Rape alegations u/s 376 of ipc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Son of false POCSO Victim from Delhi

  29. I am Abdul, a ricksha puller's son. I studied hard and earned post graduation from delhi university without any coaching. I used to take tuitions and a bitter fight with a parent for not paying tuition fees may turn as ugly as a false pocso act complaint was just not imaginable by me.

    the whole life seem to have ruined after coming out of jail and suffering endless pain for entire remaining life.

    This is so disgusting and draconian law that delhi courts and delhi police are unable to help even if they knew that the complaint filed before them is false. Such a pity. This draconian law must go or the punishment for false complainants must be well defined so that no one may go away after filing a false complaint and getting scot free even on getting known that the complaint filed by the complainant was false.

    It is my humble request to atur chatur sir from man cell in delhi's address of men's helpline in delhi to kindly re-consider the appeal and if possible then please post some tactics to fight a false POCSO Complaint in Delhi by boys against whom such false POCSO ACT complaints are filed in delhi by disgruntled girlfriends or on behest of their relatives etc.

    Victim and Sufferer from Delhi

  30. Fake MeToo Complaint4 June 2019 at 02:38

    Atur Chatur Sir,

    Please suggest me a good and easy way to fight and close a false MeToo Complaint filed by an ex employee for the help of managers.

    Is there a division or department of men cell delhi at the address of mens helpline in delhi where we can come face to face and discuss the MeToo details.

    Shyamm Dwivedi, New Delhi

  31. thank you atur chatur sir.
    you have been doing a wonderful task for the benefit of men in delhi through men cell delhi helpline.
    i too want to associate with this helpline.

    even though i am a woman but still i feel the pain suffered by own brother and one of my male friends an old classmate whose wives filed false FIR on them,

    even today i read somwhere where a celebrity couple broke and after settlement in police station, the girl comes out as an after thought and plans to file FIR now.
    how disgusting, i mean its ridiculous to be called a woman on seeing what few to most women are doing falsely.

    i want to join your org atur chatur sir.
    please make me a member of men cell in delhi

    rashmi verma, delhi-6

  32. Vikas Parshicha6 June 2019 at 02:03

    Atur Chatur Sir, pehchana mujhe
    I was one of your first clients in year 2014.

    Last year as talked to you I had informed you about settlement with my ex-wife

    I married again after that and got a child from this marriage also.
    This wife was ridiculous too and immediately after the child got birth she started behaving in an extortionists manner as I am from rich family in Delhi's Mehrauli and she was from a poor family.

    I contacted other guys hoping that my case will be resolved but those guys looted money.

    I am sory for not contacting you earlier as your contact details were lost.
    I accidentally came across the MAN CELL IN DELHI while searching for a helpline address for mens help in delhi region and found your contact details.

    You were really great in year 2014 and my that matter got resolved.
    I have been looted by MRA's in Delhi who posed themselvces as real victims of false 498a but turned out to be fakes.

    You are my only hope atur chatur sir.
    I met and consulted the matter with you in 2014.
    This time I also want to consult the matter with you face to face but your website says that just now from June 2019 you have stopped meeting based consulting.

    Sir, please help me as I am your old client.
    Please contact me at my old number which you have in your records.

    I need the address of men cell in delhi but I want to meet only you sir.

    Atur Chatur Brother, Chatur Bhai. Dear Sir, Pleassssse contact me soon.

    Vikas, Delhi Mehrauli

  33. Ranjan Gogoi Pal6 June 2019 at 15:31

    I am Ranjan from Delhi.
    My wife has filed a complaint against my entire family at Crime Against Women Cell in Nand Nagri Delhi (yamuna paar)

    I want help from man cell in delhi or from in ways to handle a CAW Cell in Delhi

    Thank you sir.
    from RANJAN, Luteyans Delhi

  34. Shashi Kant Verma7 June 2019 at 01:19

    I am SK Verma from Delhi. My nephew's wife has filed a flase 498a FIR in which I have been shown to have raped her in Delhi.

    I am from Meerut and I was NOT in Delhi at the time of such alleged rape.

    Can atur chatur or man cell from delhi guys, you could help me remove my name from the FIR or get the charges dropped against me u/s 376 ipc?

    I will suitably commensurately award and reward you for this service. I want to know the detailed procedure i.e., how are we going to approach delhi courts or delhi polcie for name removal.

    I want to file defamation case against this lady for 50 lakh rupees. Do you guys have the expertise to help me file a civil or criminal defamation case / suit or petition in Delhi Courts or UP Courts.

    And how do I need to handle the Delhi Police in the instant case if they come all the way to UP's Meerut to arrest me?

    Thanks Atur Chatur Sir for floating this men cell in delhi for people like us.
    Kindly respond me soon with your response sir. I shall be urgently waiting for your revert back to my email which I sent yesterday night at your email id:

    SKV, Meerut, UP

  35. i feel the great need for atur chatur to write to the indian government to start a mens commission and the atur chatur's teams efforts regarding men cell in delhi for the help of delhi boys and men is really commendable is the need of the hour
    RK, New Delhi

  36. Dhheraj Barjateya7 June 2019 at 19:17

    I am Dhiraj from Rohini Delhi
    My wife has left home.
    She is threatening to file false cases on me.
    Please help me.
    My wife lives in South De3lhi.

  37. sir i am from delhi and wife is harassing me in the form of threatening to goto delhi police time and again.

    i am fed up and want speedy divorce from her. i have documents and video recordings related to her cruelty to me. i want to meet you guys in delhi. please give me an appointment sir.

    dilbag from shahdra east delhi (yamuna par)

  38. Sir, I read a news article on the internet related to a ministerial level person.

    Please check the below link:-

    as per this link whose heading is:-
    On Study Tour to Manipur, RJD MLA Seen Hugging, Dancing With Teen Girl Who is Visibly Uncomfortable

    Now my question is:-
    Is this a crime udner POCSO Act?

    What does men cell in delhi say about it as I read someone commenting from in that forum

    And what if this case was from Delhi?

    Please also share your inputs and highlights from POCSO Act in Delhi where the POCSO means Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2013?

    Dear Atur Chatur Sir
    How far this POCSO ACT been able to control the issues of sexual harassment against the children below 18 years of age and is a child or teen under 18 years but above 16 years of age have any protection under POCSO?
    Is only girls protected under POCSO Act or the Delhi Courts do offer some type of protection to boys also who are below 18 years or 16 years of age and are a resident of Delhi and what if a Boy who is not from delhi, but comes to delhi for a tour and gets harassed so how do men cell in delhi may help that boy i.e., minor boy below 18 years of age r/w the POCSO Act

    and also what is the role and importance of Delhi Police and Delhi District Courts in such cases of sexual haramment or sexual assault of minor boys accruing or arising out of Delhi

    Surja Singh from South Delhi

  39. A False POCSO Complaint can be closed by understanding some key inputs given at:-

    Therefore, whenever a false POCSO or a presumably false case of POCSO is registered or about to be registered against you then the very first step would be to read and follow the guidelines of atur chatur from men cell in delhi given at the above link vis-a-vis HOW TO CLOSE A FALSE POCSO COMPLAINT
    "How to get a false FIR cancelled?"

    Now the question arises as to who is the person responsible or which is the authority empowered to cancel the FIR if the matter is either rejected by the High Court or you feel less chances of getting the FIR under POCSO cancelled in Delhi High Court.

    Contact MEN CELL IN DELHI for details:-

    because the the Team at MAN CELL IN DELHI may suggest suitable inputs for fighting a false complaint by a wife or girlfriend etc

    Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you and family !!!


  40. as a responsible citizens of India, we feel it a great honour to take this great opportunity to thank our team's greatest support in winning for men especially NRI husbands who fought for years in their fight for prestige or fight to receive back honour and fame for their families and themselves


    is a service which may be used by NRI's i.e., Non Resident Indian Husbands and Boys alike in order to save their properties and also their families back in India w.r.t to false 498a and false DV or maintenance cases filed by their NRI spouse thereby misusing the laws or dowry laws here in India.


  41. I recently stumbled upon this website:-

    498a ipc by atur chatur

    and thereafter while search/looking/ get info about men cell delhi address in delhi i came to know that these man cell guys are the sdame helpers who help in the matters of 498a ipc by atur chatur

    so i want to ask is this a foolproof method to close a FIR and what about a POCSO matter in Delhi where the false POCSO ACT case is filed on a boy or on a married man by a minor girl. what's the difference in approach and can these false POCSO case be proved wrong

    and as per:-

    I came to know that there is a concept of C-Report but is the statement of the minor child/ minor girl reliable so far as withdrawing of the state FIR under POCSO is concerned.

    I mean what is the procedure to close a false pocso case FIR in delhi

    and if there is a metoo allegation by ex-employee lady on a manager or business owner and if this metoo happens to be by a then minor girl what would be the implications

    is metoo dead in india?
    what's the relevance of metto or a fake metoo complaint in delhi and how do i recognize the truthness i mean how the law enforcement agencies vi.z., delhi police or courts in delhi like delhi district courts in delhi or delhi high court or supreme court in delhi may determine whether a fake metoo or a metoo by then minor is fake or not and what about the punishment and who gets the benefit of doubt in such cases

    I want the full text pertaining to pocso, fake pocso, defending one in a fake pocso matter in delhi and also fake metoo or mentoo for men in delhi


  42. i am from brahmin community and i am a follower and rpeacher of chastity but still pocso has been slapped on me by fellow pandit's daughter for vengeance as i am too young in age and he is too old, but still I am being promoted
    what to do sir in false pocso case?
    is a false pocso complaint be withdrawn?
    what is the procedure to close a false pocso FIR?

    thanks atur chatur sir for your kind and prompt reply
    thanking you and men cell delhi team in great anticipation and enthusiasm

    ravi, delhi

  43. Sir, I am Ali from Aligarh.
    I married a girl from Bara Hindu Rao near Sabzi Mandi, Old Delhi.
    My wife went back to her Abba's house just 15 days post marriage.
    She never allowed me to have sex or even cuddle with each other.
    I have received summons from Crime Against Women Cell in Delhi Subzi Mandi Police Station of Old Delhi.

    I want to know, how can man cell in delhi team in delhi help me at Old Delhi CAW Cell and I need urgent advise as the first date of hearing is on coming wednesday.


  44. i am stressed out due to false 498a and DV
    but now wife has also filed contested divorce.
    is this not triple jeopardy
    i filed vakalat
    what should be my next strategy
    i am from delhi and wife filed case from vishakhapatnam
    any suggestions
    please help me men cell guys i have heard a lot about atur chatur sir. seeking your urgent attention please

    sooraj from new delhi metro station

  45. Kritika Sharma20 June 2019 at 06:01

    My brother Varun got estranged and his wife deserted him.
    My jiju filed case against my brother on connivance with my brother's wife as they were in secret relationship
    how can man cell in delhi's team led by atur chatur sir help me.
    please reply me to the email which I have sended few minutes back.
    kritika sharma, avantika delhi

  46. i am mayank from delhi
    i want to share my experience with atur chatur sir from men cell in delhi
    recent;y i took consultation from atur chatur sir and he guided me how i can file arrest warrant against wife related LTR instead of repenting for marrying such a lady

    i am now back from depression and straight into super confidence
    all thanks to team aturchatur from men's helpline in delhi

    mayank, delhi

  47. my wife shaheen bano is blaming that i have divorced her using triple talaak but this is false as i love her but she is dating a hindu boy from tinder app who met her in facebook and tinder and she is working and she is now in livein status with her as per even her fb

    please save me save my butt as i am the sole bread earner for my elder parents and my unmarried sisters

    how can i handle this matter in saket court delhi

  48. sir, i wish to thank team men cell in delhi by atur chatur sir especially when i was looking or searching for man cell in south delhi i incidentally stumbled upon your north delhi website for mens helpline address in delhi

    you guys have helped me fight false 498a, dv, 125 crpc, divorce and rcr in delhi courts at rohini with flying colours

    i have been lucky to use your services due to which my wife has agreed for settlement at zero cost, initially she demanded 3 crores

    what a great service by atur chatur sir in delhi
    i wish you all the best sirs and also to your entire team in delhi

    atul from south delhi

  49. Narayana Swamy24 June 2019 at 05:28

    I need men cell in Nagpur near Maharashtra Mumbai
    Please help me sir

  50. Thanks for the valuable info Mr. atur chatur sir.
    I read about your free service links at the post with the heading "MAKING OF THE ATUR CHATUR"

    Sir, you are a true helper from delhi who is helping everyone in India be it someone from Nagpur to Cuttack Orissa based harassed husband or men.

    I salute you sir. Hats Off !!!

    Gauransh from South Delhi (residing near East of Kailash station of Delhi Metro)

  51. Deepesh Bindal26 June 2019 at 10:48

    I am from Delhi but wife is from Dehradoon so she filed caw complaint against me at Uttarakhand.

    I want the complete address of men cell in uttrarakhand

  52. kanchi ranavat27 June 2019 at 11:26

    i am kanchi from delhi.
    i want the full address of man cell in delhi
    i want to file a 498a complaint against my wife and also complaint against my husband for thrashing my father and brother by bringing goons to our house.

    he was sitting in car and recording everthing in camera phone and I have his footage in my father's shop's neighboring shop in latpat rai market

    how can this CCTV footage help my father and brother lodge complaint against my husband at man cell in delhi

    if man cell in delhi can help me file true doary case i.e., 498a FIR or a 498a police complaint then please help me otherwise just file a case against my husband on bahalf of two men i.e., my father and brother in full public view in CCTV

    I also want to use your services to write my complaint i.e., 498a complaint against my husband.

    can u help me make such a strong complaint which can not be easily refuted by my husband.

    i want the complete address of man cell or mens helpline address in delhi or delhi ncr urgently.

    kanchi from dwarka delhi

  53. i want complete address of men cell in delhi
    i am from pari chowk greater noida in delhi ncr


  54. sir, i was looking for the complete address of man cell in delhi when i suddenly stumbled upon

    i contacted at 9873540498 and got a call back wherein i was informed to contact and also to visit

    sir, i wanted to know what type of phone consultation is provided if i book a phone consultation with men cell in delhi or with atur chatur.

    I would need the consultation on phone on coming sunday early morning as I am a NRI settled in USA

    Sooraj, NRI settled in USA, native of South Delhi's Green Park

  55. Contact Men Cell Delhi at this email address:-

    Also visit this website:-


  56. I am from Delhi. I got married in June 2020. My wife didn't reside with me for more than a week and went back to her native in Mumbai Maharashtra. After more than one year she filed 498a ad DV on me as she came to know that I have got employment in Kuwait Airlines. I want help from NRI men cell IN DELHI or non resident Indian helpline for men in Mumbai MAHARASHTRA

  57. My brother's wife left him in January this year, She is NOT coming back despite panchayat. She is from Majra Dabas in Delhi and we are from Rohini. My bhabhi had beaten me last year and my niece who was at home made the video. I want to file a woman versus woman complaint at purush ayog or men cell in delhi. I want full and complete address and landmark of delhi men cell in rohini or shalimar bagh so that I alongwith my brother may lodge an FIR at delhi man cell. Thanks

  58. team men cell in delhi suggests closing of the false caw cell complaint of the wife because this false caw by wife is nothing but a blow on the job, finances, career and property of the husband, and if FIR gets lodged then the life becomes not that easy for the husband. so husbands start wondering about the address or contact number of delhi men cell helpline number in delhi, however, filing a complaint against your wife in man cell is not required because IPC and CrPC do have all the provisions as per which such false complainant wife can be punished for the crime of filing false caw complaint by wife in delhi.

  59. helpline number for men in delhi is 9873540498
    be in touch so you not have to repent later
    the man cell | men cell | mencell in delhi is the best consultation

  60. PART 1:-
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  62. I am happy to have used the service of aturchatur sir for my brother, We both were NRI's but my brother mallick got stuck in India. We took help from aturchatur in last quarter of 2018 and this has resulted in no deportation, no extradition, no immigration issues, no travel restrictions, no loc, no proclaimed offender, no red corner notice or blie corner notice or interpol type troubles.

    through LTR, we were able to fix the corrupt police into contempt of court, with the help of expert 498a consultant, atur chatur. thanks from the bottom of my heart sir for all the guidance you gave us in all these 4 years approx. i have rererred nri men cell to non resident indians here in USA.

  63. sir, mera naam fatima hai. mai okhla mein rehti hoon. mera beta 22 saal ka hai. uski shaadi shabnam naam ki ladki se hui thi jo gaziabad ki rehne wali hai. shaadi ke baad se jhagda karti hai aur mayke chali jaati hai. uska boyfrend bhi hai loni border ke pas. hume bacha lo. mere bete ko police wala dhamka raha hai thane bula kar. mujhe men call ka pata chahiye. delhi and gaziabad mein purushaayog ya mancell ka full address aur contact number dijiye ya kisi aur helpline humber ka dilli me. apka dhanvad

  64. My brother Amit got married to his wife prerna in 2019 Dec, and since beginning the wife was adamant to take Amit out of the house and live away from his parents and brother's family. I am an unmarried younger brother of Amit Saxena. I want to know if there is a false complaint in caw cell then how the police takes that complaint and is there any social stigma associated with such false complaint by wife in crime against women cell in delhi

  65. Pre-Marriage Counseling before marriage in Delhi by mencell?
    please contact me for:-
    What does pre marriage counseling consist of?
    is it for both husband and wife or only for the husbands by delhi men cell
    When should you start pre marriage counseling?
    is it mandatory for protection from future false case by wife
    Is pre marriage counseling worth it?
    and what is the fees
    What is the purpose of premarital Counselling?
    please suggest

  66. It is a matter of grave concern when a woman files false case against a husband because mencelldelhi guides men on filing complaint with National Human Rights Commission or State Human Rights Commission in the prescribed format, but if not done correctly then this may backfire against the husband as if he is harassing his wife by filing multifarious complaints here and there, so man cell in delhi is the perfect answer to any such intimidation by wife to the husband whish must be immediately reported to the mens cell in delhi which helps you in false 498a, false dv, false 125, false divorce and other false cases and false allegations in police complaints by wife in Delhi. Immediately learn the procedure to file a complaint against wife in delhi men cell by visiting the address of man cell in delhi's rohini and shalimar bagh helpline numbers by contacting them at the contact number of purush aayog in delhi

  67. I am NRI from USA, native of Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh now in Telangana. I married my wife from Chennai Tamil Nadu & that time I was a Central Govt employee with transferable job which was transferred to Gujarat, Punjab, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra), Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh & Bangalore. My wife filed a complaint against me only when we were in USA and I took help from Man Cell, and it helped me in quashing of false CAW and the dowry FIR 498a & dp 3&4 was Quashed. Thanks.

  68. NRI husband gets troubled by false 498a and men cell delhi suggests Non Resident Indian husband to NOT come to India for fighting or closing a false 498a by his wife.

  69. I am Australian NRI and I was looking for NRI Husband Trapped In India As Wife Filed False 498A and I was shocked to find that I was not alone Non Resident Indian husband, however, from NRI men cell in delhi, I got to know that, there are almost 1 NRI's trapped in false 498a in each colony. And surprisingly, when I researched on Can husband filed case against wife in India? then I came across women searching for How do I file a case against my NRI husband and girls wanted to inquire as to Can wife stay with husband after filing 498A? or Can a wife file 498A after 7 years of marriage? and this made one thing clear to me, i.e., girls are constantly looking for money as rightly pointed out by acharya manu, in manusmriti.

  70. anyone suffering from nri cheating case in india wherein such nri boy was trapped through online matrimonial portal, then he must contact delhi man cell at address or contact them at their all india mens helplie number.

  71. there are several issues in a nri boys marriage because girls may lust for money and agree to marry a nri and then trap him in false 498a, metoo, rape, dowry etc. to stay protected delhi mens helpline recommends nri 498a helpline in delhi to non resident husbands men rights activists in new delhi india

  72. quashing u/s 498a can be done by non resident indian without comig to india, with personal exemption from appearance and as per supreme court of india such husband does not have to get his passport impounded and even 2021 SC Judgment pushes judges to not issue red corner notices and look out circulars and proclaimed offenders in 498a nri matters in a routine manner. quashing of 498a by nri can be attended by video conferencing judgment of Supreme Court of India

  73. nri court cases in india23 September 2021 at 02:21

    nri men cell points out that these cases are on a rise in india against nri hubbies which is a serious concern for organisations like working for nri men rights in india

  74. indian government has started a new law which may make the life of absconding nri difficult abroad and to counter these new laws against nri husband, the nri men cell in delhi wishes to teach some tactics to such non resident indian boys and men so that these new laws do not result in passport or visa cancellation or non renewal, passport or immigration issues, loc or red corner issues, deportation or extradition issues, and last buty not the least, the financial and job/ career related issues if they are on H-1B Visa to the United States of otehr developing countries.

    these nri's must also study carefully the hague convention prepared by the hague committee based on which hague recommendation were generated and hague countries duly affect the nri's through their wives from india

  75. canadian citizen who is an OCI, earlier used be NRI and then got PR and subsequently became a Canada Citizen, must remember that, as per nri man cell in delhi india, non resdient indian especially the foreign citizen ex-indian, must get his divorce validated abroad and he must not marry in india by merely getting attracted at looks or age of the girl online, as the online marriage frauds are quite a rampant across india by the indian girls, so beware before you marry an indian girl, thinking that, you are about to marry a cultured indian girl because cultures and traditions are soon getting extinct in india especially in families who taught their girls to trap a nri boy using online dating websites or matrimonial portals made for nris in india

  76. Vishal LOC from USA24 September 2021 at 18:59

    Sir, I got mencelldelhi site while searching for address of purush aayog delhi. I am not sure whether there is LOC issued against me or not. And also, they are planning to get Red Corner Notice issued against me as for the past around six years I have not taken care of the false 498a filed by my wife. Do you have any MRA in UAE and USA for Non Resident Indian husbands. I need your help for checking Look Out Circular and closing it thereby. I do not want to come to India. How can man cell help me?

  77. Livein Relations Agreement25 September 2021 at 01:35

    live in agreement with a partner or girlfriend must be in the form of a live in agreement contract because if your boyfriend is not willing to sign a live in relationship agreement and he starts searching for the various sample live in agreement in delhi then you need the services of an expert livein relationship agreement writers from India delhi as they also give you a caregiver live in agreement which may not necessarily be with a lover and you may understand the importance of a live in relationship agreement in hindi by studying about the live in relationship agreement format in hindi for the simple reason that the concept of enforcability with respect to an live in agreement india are guided and governed by the live-in aide agreement rules because in a live in domestic contract within domiciel or domesticity you may ike to have live in relationship agreement pdf download without even understanding about what is a domestic contract and how it differs from live in employee agreement done with house maids and other employment based live-in employee contract so if you are really looking for live in relationship agreement format india in hindi or in gujarati or in english pdf and its basically required by you for a simple live in housekeeper contract then be in touch with experts from live in relationship agreement india as they also help maharashtra, delhi, nri's from uae, usa, uk and indian boys, men, husbands and even rich women wishing t have a try with any boy friend etc in marathi and it diferts from live in landlord agreement or how to write a landlord tenant agreement because to understand what is a landlord tenant agreement and how to write a tenant agreement or live in nanny agreement you need to understand how to pay a live in nanny because you may be wondering whether do live-in nannies pay rent and how much should a live in nanny get paid and can you have sex with a live in relationship agreement pdf and the relevance of a live in separation agreement so there are no future troubles with livein spouse or partner

  78. contract marriage in delhi25 September 2021 at 05:06

    sir, i want to do one year contract marriage with my girlfriend, she is ready to enter into pre-nuptial contract before marrying her so that we can easily get divorced after one year. she has no problem. tell me which court or notary agreement will best suit us and if we need to get married in the presence of delhi man cell then also kindly suggest so that we may contaht the helpline number and visit at the address of men cell in delhi. thanks

  79. Look Out Circular Issue25 September 2021 at 05:26

    I am Vivek from United Arab Emirates. I am working in Emirates Airlines and I am currently a NRI. My wife is harassing me and has started writing to immigration, police, courts, president literally everywhere to issue lok out circular against me. I am unable to visit India due to my employment contract and the same is being used against me. what should I do to get the NBW cancelled and to check whether a LOC has been open against me or not. Thanks a lot atur chatur sir. please help me urgently. waiting for your reply. I have also sent an email to you just now at:-

  80. I am Amit from USA. I need full address and location of nri men cell in delhi.

  81. Dubai NRI Couple16 October 2021 at 17:30

    My son and his wife are Gulf NRI's in Saudi Arabia. Both these Dubai Non Resident Indians couple came back along with the son and wife insisted to go back to Dubai with the son leaving her husband back in Delhi. We contacted Men Rights Activists in Delhi and everyone suggested that this is her right to take the child with her to Dubai or any country as mother is the primary guardian. We were highly tensed listening all this from MRA's from Delhi and they even made our video public without our written consent due to which we had to suffer public shame and social stigma. Somehow, when my son's NRI wife was about to leave for Gulf, I searched internet for men cell or purush aayog in delhi and I came across atur chatur counselling and booked a phone consultation. And this was real life changing for me, my son and my grandson. They guided me about the crimes which this NRI Dubai's wife is about to commit and also provided us with rules including Hague Convention and I followed their suggestions and subsequently filed LTR as suggested by them. The result was brilliant. Because this NRI couple had matrimonial dispute and his wife was about to kidnap the NRI's son to Saudi Arabia/ UAE (United Arab Emirates) and she was planning to fled away from the life of her UAE NRI husband as laws in UAE are very strict especially against NRI's and Men, but using these rules, we were able to settle the matter amicably. Atur Chatur Sir had been a real life savior for me, my NRI son and my grandson. We have been able to pressurize this Dubai NRI's wife to agree for settlement or compromise, as our LTR based counter cases were very strong. I am very happy and delighted to have such men rights activist named aturchatur in Delhi India because without the help from team man cell delhi, it was a nightmare. Thank you a lot for getting our grandson back to us and for helping us in settlement of these false women centric laws and threatening by NRI's wife in India. You are real genius sir. Million thanks to you and your team.

  82. A pre-marriage agreement by whatsoever name you call it, is known basically as a protection agreement which protects your life, career and hard earned money from a wicked spouse.

  83. yes, such agreement can save marriage by acting as a catalyst by removing the possibility of usage of false soft laws made for protection of women and also protects the property finance and other aspects., the list is endless, it is highly beneficial and it can certainly save at least 50% of marriages.

  84. grounds are more or less same for men and women aggrieved, however, proving of adultery and no post nuptial agreement within couples are the pre-requisites. get in touch with men cell delhi to for more information

  85. LOC can be cancelled with assistance from team men cell in delhi

  86. men cell address in north delhi's shalimar bagh and rohini helps men from being robbed off by filing of false case by wife

  87. it means that no one touched her or did any crime with her. as per men cell delhi, your office staff, visitor and colleagues girls especially above 18 years age must sign this agreement with you everyday to protect you and other office staff from any disgruntled female

  88. through court or through police are two ways to return stridhan by husband in false 498a or false caw cell complaint by wife in delhi's men cell

  89. an anticipatory bail is valid forever or till certain conditions of the bail are contravened as per man cell in delhi

  90. A relationship contract is made between lovers and pre marriage counselling so that there are no disputes later in life, as per man cell in delhi, this helps clarity of communication between couples in a marriage

  91. Yes, this is possible and there is no bar on the court for working beyond the timings unless any of the parties are aggrieved due to such actions of the court

  92. Criminal Court or Mahila Court can proceed u/s 340 CrPC. Sessions and District Court also has the power. Family Court does NOT have the power but it ca refer the matter to Crml Court for trial of accused under provisions of perjury

  93. as per men cell delhi, a female cell, mahila thana or caw cell may do wrongs to the husband, and for every such unwarranted behaviour at crime against woman cell in delhi, file a complaint with man cell using expertise so that this complaint does not backfire against you,

  94. second marriage in delhi without divorce may be done using an agreement in a manner that it does not attracts any legal provision against any of the parties to this second marriage contract in delhi by a NRI

  95. NRI marriages are conducted mostly using online matrimonial or dating portals in delhi

  96. No, police do not have such powers. MEA is the authority vested with such powers. Courts in delhi can also issue orders in lieu thereof.

  97. use LTR assistance from men's helpline in delhi to know the procedure as follows:-
    (1) discuss your matter
    (2) collect and gather evidences
    (3) make a file and send to an expert in india
    (4) follow instructions by the expert

  98. It is an agreement to live and have sex with anyone without anyone feeling insecure about the other and contains the following clauses:-
    (1) Separation Clause
    (2) Financial Sharing Clause
    (3) Maintenance Clause
    (4) Property Protection Clause
    (5) Sex Consent continuity and related clause

  99. To file case against a NRI abroad, contact the immigration in delhi in assistance with men cell delhi

  100. All these things are necessarily to be included in an after marriage contract:-
    (1) Separation Clause
    (2) Maintenance Clause
    (3) Child Custody Clause
    (4) Compensation Clause
    (5) Dowry Clause
    (6) Alimony Clause
    (7) Property Clause
    (8) Earnings Clause and Profit Sharing Clause besides others

  101. Few Days to Few Months. Is All that it takes for quashing if it HAS TO QUASH, otherwise, 498a NRI husband may get punishment for applying for quash in India, so men cell delhi suggests use of right SC judgments in your case, to break false 498a in lower court itself without coming to India

  102. goto mencell delhi office and complain against false 498a

  103. it's easier to fight against 498a misuses than you thought as false 498a means corrupt, wrong and lies, and truth always wins in delhi so use men's commission's helpline to work for you in delhi

  104. go and challenge chargesheet based on lacunae with team men's helpline delhi

  105. settlement is the end of 498a, and in delhi, men's cell branch in delhi may help end 498a through regular assistances at several stages of false 498a filed by wife

  106. defence under pocso act may be obtained in terms of pocso act misuse in delhi so collect evidences and generate newer proofs for your support

  107. Yes, in fact it's very easy, and sometimes using M power, you may easily get station bail in false 498a

  108. To write RTI to police, first find out what's wrong done by police, for which you have evidences, and for which the police does not have documents to proof such wrongness. Get help from Men Cell Delhi to RTI to police.

  109. 498a, DV, Divorce, Maintenance u/s 125 CrPC, HAMA, HMA and Child Custody or RCR etc are some of such cases which a wife files against her husband as per Men Cell Delhi

  110. latest news of purush aayog delhi is the establishment of team man cell's delhi branch office in delhi news

  111. to find a good advocate in india, simply ask from the data available with men cell in delhi, as they have good statistics of best advocate lawyer of india in all states of india

  112. as per male victims of domestic violence statistics 2020 india, there is need for domestic violence act for male in india especially due to the domestic violence against men statistics which is increasing but wife files false domestic violence against husband in the contrary which is highly condemnable as per men cell delhi's helpline for male victims of domestic violence in india

  113. Yes, for any criminal conduct by an advocate, the FIR can definitely be filed against a lawyer advocate

  114. men cell delhi helps resolve NRI property disputes in india so that NRI's get timely help and assistance and they do not have to rely on any corrupt lawyer advocate from india

  115. marriages on the pretext of residency or green card, and also sham marriages by an indian lady to trap a boy from abroad, both classify as fake nri marriages in india, but when such a nri is extorted by that lady after such sham marriage, then instead of fighting for online marriage fraud or fraud marriages in india, this NRI assumes himself to be a NRI husband, and then he gets into clutches of some corrupt top lawyer firm of India which uses his as a ATM. this is not the right way to fight. REGISTRATION AT MEN CELL INDIA tells you the right way to fight.

  116. Yes, Indians can get divorce abroad based on jurisdiction or based on their residency abroad. This is perfectly valid and such divorce decree can be easily enforced in India with the assistance of men's cell in delhi

  117. By your looks, your dressing sense, your negotiation skills, need of the members to polyamory, urgency are some of the key pointers as per men cell delhi, based on which you may be able to negotiate polyamory among members.

  118. Second Marriage. Subsistence of first marriage. Non Obtainance of consent from first married spouse (man or woman). NOC from first spouse is a must. Otherwise, any of these grounds can land you in jail for 7 years for bigamy so go for a Legal Bigamy Agreement.

  119. 7 years or 10 years imprisonment and also heavy fine and compensation if there is a PAKRAUA MARRIAGE found in Bihar or Jharkhand as such forced marriages are too popular (not rare) in these two states. Forced marriage is a serious crime against men as per man cell in delhi, however, the crime becomes even more grave if it's done against a girl or woman, or if she is kept under confinement or captivity. and this is the basic purpose for the establishment of CAW cells in delhi and entire India

  120. Interpol does not have executive powers, so Interpol official do not arrest suspects or act without the approval of national authorities. However, in certain cases against NRI, it's seen that RCN is issued against a Non Resident Indian husband and due to this red corner or blue corner notice against the NRI in USA/UK or Gulf, his life is made a living hell by the concerned immigration.

  121. an open marriage agreement is a contract entered necessarily between a man and woman only, where each of the party is free to give its consent to other, in an impeccable and non terminating manner so that the other party (both of them) are free to develop and subsist relations with other/s in India and this is legally valid in India if that's backed up by experts from agreement india so that recent supreme court judgment is studied while insertion of clauses into it

  122. the terms and conditions and disclaimer contains the majority of rules, and secondary rules are background check and no immediate approval to such dating guy or gal, and if they ask for debit or credit card number then alarm bells must ring louder than your heart beat as per men cell delhi

  123. Yes, what's the problem in that. Guys, you need to clean your mind first of all. What's the harm if your married wife plans to live with another unmarried man. You must NOT/ NEVER suspiciously look at her behavior. Girls can do that perfectly and that's normal behavior as everyone wish to have their own way of living life, but if she wishes to have sex also with such man, then YES, it may (MAY) attract certain provisions of law against her, BUT IF she has been able to secure an agreement prepared from agreement india in the light of recent/ latest supreme court judgment on livein/second marriage/bigamy, only then, you as a husband can NOT do anything against her. The same applies vice-versa also., The Married Man can also live with another girl of his choice, but NOT WITHOUT ANY AGREEMENT PREPARED FROM AGREEMENT INDIA, otherwise, this man will be squizzed very badly between these two women of his life. So, you are a BOY OR GIRL, get an agreement from agreement india service started by TEAM MEN CELL DELHI and this service is for boys and girls, also for married/ divorced men and women both.

  124. Rights of a Second Wife are the same as the right of the first wife but it should NOT be ultra-vires the rights of first wife, so as to NOT interfere in any such legal rights of a legally wedded wife, but several such rights may be waived off as against first wife and as in favor of second wife based on an agreement prepared for you by AGREEMENT INDIA TEAM FROM DELHI which is a subsidiary of DELHI MAN CELL

  125. Yes, mostly the bail is granted within police custody itself and after getting bail the accused has to be set free based on conditions on what bail has been granted.

  126. A perjury application is a request before a court to try the opposite party for speaking lie before the court which is a crime and carries upto 3 to 7 years imprisonment and/ or fine.

  127. One-Sided NDAs (sometimes referred as Unilateral NDAs) NDAs under which only one party discloses its confidential information to the other party.
    Mutual NDAs (sometimes referred as Bilateral or Multilateral NDAs)
    Merger and Acquisition (M&A) NDAs.
    Employer-Employee NDAs.

  128. Yes, he can certainly leave the country especially if there is corruption against him which he can prove. He won't be extradited back to India and there won't be any immigration issues as well

  129. this agreement is signed between two adults, wherein one wishes offer sex in the form of slave or employee, same way you hire a maid or servant for your household work. he or she may perform natural or unnatural sex favors for you in return of some consideration in cash or in kind or both. such contractual relationship is definitely different from a livein, concubine or prostitution agreement and is perfectly valid in India in the lights of recent SC Judgment.

  130. delhi men's cell team may be contacted to get bharosa man cell in pune's mens commission contact number 9873540498

  131. Stupid narrations of purush aayog demands by Gajodhar type NGO's of Delhi and all over India is being used as a propaganda to instigate men against women in India which is worrysome, because Lawyers and their commission agents are spread over the internet to woo men as their clients for their respective law firms and thereby such men may be duped in connivance with OP and it's counsel, so there is literally NO NEED FOR A STATUTORY BODY FOR PROTECTION OF MEN | PURUSH AAYOG DELHI

  132. 41a crpc notice is mandatory before arresting the accused in 498a

  133. NO, it was made Non-Bailable in 1983 by PM Indra Gandhi who got assassinated within less than a year of implementation and enactment of this anti-male law which is also anti-relatives-of-male/husband

  134. LTR is the only document required for cancellation of FIR. Visit:- to know about this document called as LTR meaning in 498a by atur chatur india in hindi and english abbreviation full form of LTR and how to prepare LTR in Delhi | India

  135. file LTR as soon as 41a notice is received by you

  136. The process to press charges is very simple as in the form of an oral application or written application before the same judge to whom you have filed those charges against your OP

  137. Yes, sex is a pre-requisite, but sex is not the sole purpose of marriage contract

  138. atur chatur from men cell delhi is the best online helper for preparation of rti for false 498a

  139. Purpose of a pre nuptial agreement or prenup is to amicable resolve the dispute between couple before even their marriage so that the lines are drawn and written as to what each of them expect from the other within a marriage and also during the dispute if any

  140. Snatch the divorce if she denies as per the formula or saying, BEG BORROW OR STEAL because if she has committed cruelty against you then you are legally rightful in divorcing your wife and she can not deny it or beg you in any way.

  141. its been established in india in delhi as per the directives of government of india in the year 3021

  142. Yes, employers may invoke non fraternization policy which may force the employees to disclose any romantic alliances with one another, and secondly, it may ask the employees to leave the organization but based on a previously written and signed employment agreement/ contract with that and those employees or managers

  143. divorce is a family matter as well as civil suit, so this petition qualifies both as a family law as well as civil law and you can use both family court act and also the civil procedure code, both in your favor and as per your convenience as per delhi's very own men cell address in rohini so that your wife frustrates and repents on having filed such false cases like 498a and dv on you

  144. Sexual Consent means the consensual sex agreement or contract an this can be express or implied, written or oral.

  145. Uski Aisi Ki Taisi.Cruelty karti hai aur divorce papers bhi sign nahi karti. Go and contact MEN CELL IN DELHI right now to understand the procedure of divorcing a cruel wife without her consent. THIS HAPPENS ONLY AT MAN CELL DELHI

  146. simply get a sex contract for metoo written by agreement india writers at men cell delhi and ask the girl to sign it in a free consent manner and not haphazardly or in a hauz pauz manner so that she can not claim to the contrary after enjoying sexual day nights with you. beware from women criminals vis-a-vis metoo criminal females in India. ONLY DELHI MEN CELL CAN SAVE YOU FROM FALSE METOO IN INDIA

  147. Contact:- DELHI MEN CELL @ 9873540498

  148. format of livein contract must include certain clauses as per SC of India recent judgment so that false case are not filed on you when you wish to quit out of such relationship

  149. Location of Men Cell in Delhi in North Delhi and North West Delhi is the boon for residents because as soon as a wife files false cases on them, they can counter these cases by contacting men's helpline in delhi @ 9873540498

  150. Proud of you my brother. It is heartening to read all good reviews about you

  151. Highly professional and knowledgeable with helpful attitude.

  152. This is for all the men facing false 498a cases and fighting custody battles — Atur Ji is driven by the cause. He is the happiest when you are either relieved from fake cases or can meet your child. More than profession, its his passion and you need someone like him to take you out of that dark phase that you are stuck in. He is the ray of hope. Kudos to him and his entire team for working relentlessly. I would have given 10 stars if there was an option.

  153. Best of the best

  154. Dhritiman Shukla9 November 2021 at 19:43

    Atur Chatur was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was he able to defend us from an unjust accusation, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. My children, parents and I are eternally grateful for his service and support.

  155. Atur Bhaiya is the best mentor and guide, who brings you out of the misery you are trapped in. His experience in the field of matrimonial law is remarkable

  156. Best one for complex family problems. Personally benefitted.

  157. A very good human being, Thanks for helping my family in the time of need.

  158. Honest, Practical and genuine advice only considering the complexities involved in each and every case.

  159. He gave me genuine advice without expecting anything. Good Wishes for Him.

  160. Wonderful person, very knowledgeable and supportive.

  161. Just had a talk with sir for about 2 min , but clearly felt his persona , not in a state to write more .God bless you sir,Regards

  162. Best advice on 498a. Divorce and maintenance

  163. Good lawyer for Fake 498A cases.

  164. ajay kumar verma9 November 2021 at 20:31

    Most helpful

  165. Best se bhi best

  166. India's Men’s Commission Movement for Purush Aayog was started by Mr. Atur Chatur [Counsellor Supreme Court of India] in the form of MEN CELL DELHI in the early 90’s, in response to the ant-men & pro-women anti dowry legislation passed by the congress & gross misuse of these 498a ipc provisions, MAN CELL is now a known phenomenon all over the world, especially after cases of false metoo are being reported all over the globe including a vast majority of these in Delhi | India

  167. best ever men's help site i ever visited

  168. sachhi helpline delhi k purushon ke liye

  169. the crystal clear advise and no-nonsense approach of Mr. Atur Chatur has helped me quite a lot in my fight against false 498a, dv & 125 filed by my ex-wife and her family. Not only has he fought his own cases with bomb & aplomb which needs applause but helped many like me, who are honored to have him as Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

  170. I got my kids back home in USA six months ago and now settled the case with my wife amicably. Atur Sir's understanding & experience of handling matrimonial disputes is at a different level. He is very friendly, professional and guides you with perfect strategies to close false cases. Highly recommended.

  171. False Case Me Fase Hue Privar Hme Contact Kre

  172. Leke rehenge purush Aayog aur gender neutral law.

  173. Nimish Jain, Delhi14 February 2022 at 17:28

    भाई मै पैसा दे देकर थक गया हू अब मार काट का अलावा कुछ नही सुझ रहा पहले लोगो ने बताया कि उसके घर भेज दो कुछ नही होगा 5साल से कोर्ट का चककर लगा लगा कर थक गया इससे अच्छा होता मार कर जेल चला जाता तो अब कर छुटकारा मिलने के नजदीक पहुच जाता ओर इतना रूपया भी बच जाता बहारी भुल हो गई मेरा bro

  174. Sahi kaha atur b ek victim hu is kanun k durupyog ka aur crpc 125 n d v act shame on u patniyo. go and die in chullu bhar water. jo kr rhi h aisa.bhagwan hmara nyay jrur krega. Yha ki adalat me jitna jhooth bolna h bolo. Upar ki adalat me nhi chalega jhut.

  175. we filed woman versus woman. my mother filed dv on my brother's wife with your ltr assistance and it worked wonders as judge was unable to deny us the trial. thanks for hlp

  176. Sir I am from wife complainted false charge 323,498a,494,506,504... I handling my case 'party in person' I didn't engaged lawyer.. lawyers big problem in matrimony cases.. case hasn't testimony...and burden of proof police Ka vothi hai... I submitted 239 discharge Application at 2017.. but pp is going long dates and wasting my time... what can I do..?

  177. महिलाओं को इतना अधिकार दे दिए गए हैं कि वह चाहे तो अबला नारी बन जाए चाहे तो सक्षम नारी बन जाए बता सकती है कानून का जैसे उपयोग करना चाहे जब चाहे वह इसका दुरुपयोग कर सकती है

  178. Main to yah sab dekh kar LLB karne ki soch Raha hoon... mi right sir
    Kitna atyachaar ho raha hai ladkiyon ki wajah se aur ladkon par.

  179. In my DV, the Protection officer submitted false report in court in DV case under domestic voilence act. and the Protection officer not investigated man.i.e., the husband so due to this, the Protection officer submitted report in already prescribed set format as told by wife. and I COMPLAINED TO JUDGE but the Judge make base protection officer report always. so Now I want to know how can I question from protection officer in court. How can I file RTI
    against protection officer. Please help me about How can I submit application in court against false report of protection officer.
    In nut shell, I am facing this situation in DV case which is false.
    Please reply or make video atur chatur sir against one sided report of protection officer.

  180. Lets fil a petition in SC against gender discrimination 125 crpc & dv act & lets create a group so we can file petition in supreme court

  181. Pre Marriage Counseling16 February 2022 at 23:08

    Sir, do you help with before marriage counselling and agreements as well

  182. Akhir ye sab kab khatam hoga? Purush kab tak pratadhit aur shoshit hoga? Please someone bring these in-human things in notice to Government, so that things change. Stop all types of maintenance crpc 125, dc sec 23, 24 hama etc

  183. Right sir I support you

  184. शादी के बाद लड़को को सोसाइड कर लेना चाहिए
    कानून लड़को के साथ नही है जी

  185. Bilkul sahi bat hai

  186. Dowry lena bhi...bheek..hi hotha should stop taking dowry...dowry nahi hai tho....498a BHI nahi rahega...dowry leke..mens commission ko nahi jaa sakthe...even if it is first we should all stop taking dowry..then jhoote cases Walon ko reason Kahan se milega?

  187. Thanks beta. 100% seekha hai apne. Sarkar ko kb nzar aygi aise pirit log.

  188. I am with you atur


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